Technical consulting and industrial design

Project development is made in 2D / 3D using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, the advantages being the following:

- The possibility to carry out projects at scale 1:1;
- Precision of execution of the drawings;
- Reduced execution time;
- The possibility of operating any changes in a short period time.

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Mechanical processing

With our equipments, we have the possibility to offer to our customers the following types of processing:

- Turning;
- Milling;
- Slotting;
- Drilling;
- Assembling;
- Sudura MIG/MAG.

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Manufacturing of metal constructions

IA Project produces a wide range of metal constructions for various fields of activity, based on the projects designed by us and approved by our beneficiaries.

- industrial metallic constructions;
- welded metal structures;
- reservoirs for the storage of fluids;
- metal tops and tripods;
- metallic farms;
- metallic boxes;

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Repair and maintenance of industrial machinery

IA Project provides repair and maintenance services for the following types of equipment:

- Caterpillar engines;
- Perkins engines;
- Cummins engines;
- Allison transmissions;
- hydro-mechanical transmissions;
- grupuri electrogene.
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Oil and gas

IA Project offers technical consultancy, design and manufacturing for a wide range of subassemblies and equipments used in the oil&gas industry:

- Stationary / transportable drilling rigs;
- Workover rigs;
- Subassemblies for oil ang gas rigs;
- Accessories and spare parts;
- Electronic systems for monitoring and recording of drilling parameters.

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